CeCe Winans creates the #CountOnMeChallenge

CeCe Winans and Whitney Houston recorded “Count on Me” in 1995 and now Winans is using the song to spread a powerful message around the world as we all deal with the Coronavirus pandemic.

"Count on Me" is known for being an anthem that not only celebrated the Grammy award-winning singers friendship, but also the power of relying on others in tough times. 25 years later Winans says, "the song’s message is more relevant than ever right now."

"The #CountOnMeChallenge exists to let the people in your community and beyond know that they can count on you, and to shine a light on the people you’ve been able to count on—the people who have shown you love through all this craziness," says Winans.

See CeCe Winans beautifully sing part of the song and ultimately call upon everyone to accept the challenge below!

Two people who did accept Winans' #CountOnMeChallenge are singers, Tamia and Deborah Cox.

See their amazing take at the challenge below!

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