Update On Boyfriend, Girlfriend Found Dead Inside Chicago Condo

High Angle View Of Do Not Enter Sign In Crime Scene

Photo: Getty Images

45-year-old Leticia Zaragoza, and 36-year-old Joseph P. Fry were found dead inside of a condo in the South Loop on Monday afternoon. According to ABC7, police arrived at the condo located off of South Indiana Avenue and found that the pair sustained gunshot wounds to the head, one of them with more wounds than the other. Authorities suspected the incident to have taken place sometime between Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon.

What was initially believed to be a double homicide is now confirmed as a murder suicide. As of Monday afternoon police were still investigating the possibility of a suspect on the loose. ABC7 detailed that Zaragoza was found with "multiple" gunshot wounds to the head, while Fry sustained only one gunshot wound to the head. After further investigation, it was determined that Zaragoza was killed by Fry, and that Fry "died by suicide."

Zaragoza's brother Tony Garcia mentioned that his sister and Fry lived together inside of the condo. Information regarding how long the two shared the space was not released. Garcia spoke very highly of his sister, stating the she did not deserve what happened to her.

"She's a beautiful person. Very loved. She didn't deserve what happened to her. Nobody does."

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