This Is The Most Scenic Road In Illinois

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Picture it. You slowly wind down an old road just as the dew collects on the surrounding greenery. The lake on one side of the road is filled with rippling gold from the sun, and there is no end in sight. This is what the most scenic road in Illinois has to offer. The road features 188 miles of pure views.

According to a list put together by Stacker, the most scenic road to take in Illinois is the Ohio River Scenic Byway. This road travels with the Ohio River through the state to provide new views around each corner. Not only do those who drive this road get to see breathtaking views of the lake, but there is also an abundance of wooded areas along the route.

Here is what Stacker had to say about the most scenic road to drive in Illinois:

"The Ohio River Scenic Byway in Illinois travels along the Ohio River for 188 miles, passing through the Shawnee National Forest. For breathtaking views of the woodlands along this route, buckle up and hit the byway between spring and fall when the wildflowers are in full bloom."

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