Girl who claimed white students cut her dreads admits she lied

The 12-year-old African-American girl who made a very serious claim that three of her classmates cut her hair has now admitted that her entire story was made up. The school has now confirmed in a statement. The parents have also issued an apology. Family statement Below

"To those young boys and their parents, we sincerely apologize for the pain and anxiety these allegations have caused," the Allen family said. "To the administrators and families of Immanuel Christian School, we are sorry for the damage this incident has done to trust within the school family and the undue scorn it has brought to the school. To the broader community, who rallied in such passionate support for our daughter, we apologize for betraying your trust."

"We understand there will be consequences, and we're prepared to take responsibility for them," the girl's family said. "We know that it will take time to heal, and we hope and pray that the boys, their families, the school and the broader community will be able to forgive us in time."


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