Do you feel stuck? Iyanla Vanzant shows you how to push past it

Recognize the Problem

it all starts by being honest & admitting to yourself that you are stuck in a rut. You may feel like you’re not getting equal opportunities at work or there may be problems at home that keep you from living your best life. Know that this place you are in is not the real you. First Forgive yourself for not realizing this earlier and allowing this moment to stay in your life longer than it should. Instead of crying over what could’ve or should have been address the problem now and make amends.

Seek Inspiration from those that came before you.

look back at your history for some inspiration. Things are better than they were 400 years ago for us. Even though the fight for equal rights continues to this day, you can still achieve great things in life.

Get involved in Community work

You’ll feel much better by getting involved with an organization that caters to a cause, may it be in your community, homelessness, food pantry or the hospital, recognize the problem and get up to start giving back.

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