Baby Dies after Diaper Rash & Maggot Infestation

When I read this story my heart cried out. I just don't understand how someone could do this to a baby. Infant baby found dead and maggot-infested in a baby swing last "died of a diaper rash.  The  4-month- was found with a diaper that authorities are saying he had on for 14 days, the parents are facing a number of charges. Murder & Child endangerment is just one of many. I just can't understand how  anyone could let a baby go so long with the same diaper on without being changed. Please remember this baby in your prayers, and if you have children give them a special kiss & hug in honor of Sterling, also pray for the many children who are currently facing any kind of abuse. IT'S NOT OK!  If you see the signs of abuse, DON'T WAIT! get help for that child RIGHT AWAY! you may save a life  (1-800) 422-4453




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