Omari Hardwick Responds To Criticism from Turning Down Picture with Fan

So there  is a mad fan somewhere who saw Omari Hardwick  while he was with his wife & family and wanted a picture. He is said to have responded to her by saying No he does not tke pictures while he is with his family. Apparently some words were said that resulted to Hardwick taking it to social media, the fan came on to his social media and said  “You’re a liar. I walked off after saying, ‘Ah, really? Okay.’ Walked across the street, you started yelling…Your fans are who made you. A simple, ‘No, I don’t do pics when I’m with my family would have been nice.’ Your attitude is what shocked me, not the fact you wouldn’t take the pic.”

Other fans began to defend him, the woman then says: “Y’all would have approached him as well, [but] being that it wasn’t y’all. Y’all have so much to say. Anyway, I know the truth and so [does] he. I’ve moved on and so has he. My thing is, don’t lie about it. I hate a liar. If you’re not approachable then so be it, I’m not the first he’s done this to, and won’t be the last.”

Hardwick then replied, “We absolutely know the truth. You are a lost human. God bless your soul.”

I think we have to remember that they are REAL PEOPLE they sacrifice so much of their time from their family & friends. If I saw him, IT WOULD BE HARD NOT TO ASK. LOL However, out of respect to their family, I would not. TRUST ME, It would be HARD.   

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