Aretha Franklin's Family is Angry about Viral Casket Picture

Aretha's Family is not at all happy about her body in her picture was taken in her casket and shared on Social Media

The family says that they are disappointed that people did not have respect for the Queen of Soul & her funeral to share such private pictures for money.

 Kafi Franklin wrote about how “selfish and insensitive” people are for sharing the mage. She revealed that her 12-year-old daughter broke down in tears when she saw the leaked photo of her grandmother being posted on social media sites.

“I didn’t want to post my opinion about any of this because overall the love was overwhelming but when my 12-year-old was brought to tears from seeing her Grandmother in a casket all over social media… I feel I must.. I can’t believe that some people are sooo selfish and insensitive,” she wrote.

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