Lauryn Hill Is Suing Her Cousin After He Didn’t Pay Back A $65,000 Loan

Well I can't say that I am surprised. We have all been through this before. loan money to a family member or friend & never get it back. I can recall Loaning 65,000 though. (smile)   at least she covered herself. 

She says that she loaned her cousin $65,000 and he never paid her back or did he intend to.

 Her cousin signed a contract saying he would pay her back  plus 10 percent after three months of . If he defaulted, the contract says he would have to pay back the amount of the loan as well as lawyer fees and court costs.

Lauren Hill is suing her cousin for the full amount of the loan, interest and for damages for the losses she has  endured due to her cousin not paying her money back.

I guess it's safe to say...THEY WON'T GET ANOTHER DIME.


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