'Dock-free' rental scooters comes to Chicago


Now this is what I am talking about. I will hang up my cars keys for some fun in the Sun on this one. Chicago lets get to rolling. Who is in with me??? We can expect to be invaded by a bunch of lime green scooters in the streets they are called Lime Bike's "dock-free" electric scooters, they are being tested at Chicago neighborhood weekend festivals throughout the summer.  You can  locate a scooter on the Lime app's map and then go to that spot. Then, you scan a QR code on the scooter to "unlock" it and then ride as long as you like. it costs $1 to un lock it & the riding rate is 15 cents per minute.  After you are done having the time of your life, You just park it in a  place along the curb and re-lock it with the app. You can even park it on the sidewalk of your house. These scooters are in over 70 markets with more than 6 million rides since being launched in June 2017 



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