A Personal & True Story About TIME! With Love...Marcella

Personal & TRUE Story! It's Long but soooo worth your TIME.

The Lord put it on my heart to share this personal story today. The one thing that we can NEVER get back is time.  I happen to have had some Amazing friends who are no longer here.  However, the memories will last a lifetime. This one story will hopefully help your understand to EMBRACE time. When I was younger I hung out a lot & lived my best life. (so I thought) I was always the one to sing whenever there was a funeral, wedding etc. I was always still very shy because we were moving into folks doing 50 runs in a song, LOL that was not my ministry.

As I began in Radio I let that singing go. LOL I would still sing if requested to but I was always feeling some kind of way about it. Another girlfriend was getting Married & since we were teens she always wanted me to sing for her wedding, I asked could I sing the lords prayer because my schedule would be crazy & I did not want her to be upset when I could not make rehearsals, she did not take well to this because she wanted me to sing a song. I knew in my heart that this would not work for me, I had to find a musician etc...The Lords prayer would work better, well she did not agree & stopped speaking to me, Nope I did not receive an invite to the wedding, needless to say, my heart was CRUSHED into a million pieces. I would have never missed her day. I was hurt but I learned to respect her space, I still Loved her the same, that never Changed. What did change is the years, they went by TIME took it's toll.

I kept hearing these rumors, instead of believing them, I reached out to her on Facebook myself, she mentioned that the rumors were lies, I believed her & moved forward, we then began to talk about the wedding & I told her I was so hurt when she did not invite me, I would not have ever missed it, she was like my little sister, I took up for her many times, I even fought folks that messed with her, even though it was because she said something she had no business saying,😣 we switched cars so many times so that we could roll up on our boyfriends at the time unexpectedly. LOL I am laughing & crying thinking about it.

As we continued to talk, she expressed how much she wanted me to sing since we were kids, it was her dream. I did not realize how much this meant to her, she did not realize how much it meant for me to be there, so here we both are in this moment, I can't tell you how much time has gone by (years) Time that we can NEVER get back. We both acknowledged our parts & vowed to move forward, there was a problem, TIME!

As time moved forward, I heard the rumors again about her being sick, I saw her at one of our friends funerals who had passed away from the same illness she had, It was tough to see, she was fighting & claiming the VICTORY!🙌 I got a chance to see her in her final moments, it was that moment that nothing else mattered, the only thing that mattered was TIME.

I will never forget the day, I was at work & got the call that she had passed on and she had one last request in her WILL, It was for me to sing at her Funeral. I sat there at work & cried like a baby for about an hour, I immediately said YES! I was not going to miss her home going celebration.

The moral to this story! Take advantage of the TIME that you have, don't neglect it! TIME is the one thing you can NEVER get back. Ever since losing 4 very good sisterfriends back to back, it was a very dark time for me, Learned a valuable lesson, it is important to share your heart when there is an issue, never say what you don't mean, & never hurt on purpose, always take responsibility for your part & never let time just pass by, because AGAIN...Time is something you can NEVER get back.


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