12-minute trip to O'Hare May be possible within three years

High speed rail, connecting Chicago's Loop to O'Hare is now on track to be become a high teach reality. Thursday the mayor and the billionaire who wants to build the "Tesla Tunnel" were talking details.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel showed Elon Musk what would be part of the underground station for the new high speed line. It would utilize a mothballed station under Block 37, the launching spot in the Loop for the line that would be known as the Chicago Express.It would whisk travelers to O'Hare on electric skates, powered by technology used in Tesla Model X vehicles.The system will use electric vehicles that run through a 17-mile system of new twin underground tunnels."Getting from the city to O'Hare or back from O'Hare to the city is a race against time. 

The 12-minute ride would take travelers to and from O'Hare on one-way tracks traveling at speeds up to 150 miles per hour. The CTA estimates getting from the Loop to O'Hare on the Blue Line takes 40 to 45 minutes. This new train would take less than 15 minutes.



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