Regina Belle Shares Diagnosis of a Brain Tumor & Journey of Grace

What’s your secret to having this long-lasting career of resonating songs, beautiful hit records and maintaining that love from your audience who have followed you over the years?

Regina: Wow…. What can I say; that’s God’s grace and I’m so thankful. Many years ago when I was about to leave and go on the road with the Manhattans, I went to see all my people before I left and one of the things my grandmother said was “Don’t get out there embarrassing us.” And what she was basically telling me was that, don’t get it twisted and don’t even think for one minute that you got here by your own sweat. You got here because we have been praying for you — that generations behind us would end up being better and have a better situation. We paid dues, we suffered, some of us have died so that you may be able to just walk in the front door of the establishments of which you frequent. So don’t believe your own press. Understand that you got the opportunities that you have because many of us sacrificed something for you to get here and I want you to be cognizant of that. Where ever it is you go, understand that you represent somebody or somebodies bigger than you.




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