Son-in-law charged in beating death of 82-year-old Chicago Heights woman

This is So sad. The son-in-law of an 82-year-old woman beaten to death in her home in south suburban Chicago Heights was charged in her murder.Charles Williams, 48, of Riverdale, was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Australia Landingham. The Daughter said she wish that she hadn't found her," said Crystal Landingham, her daughter. "You got to be real sick in the head to do that to somebody. An elderly person, at that. A helpless person, at that. She could barely walk sometimes.""She was 82 years old. Why would you do that? Crush her skull like that, knock all her teeth out of her head? How could you, as a human, do this to someone?" said Marshon Terry, the victim's niece.

Prayers for the Family

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