9 CPS High Schools named Best in Illinois

posted by Marcella Jones - 

The school also ranks 52nd in the nation. 

Northside College Prep came in second and Lane Tech High School took the third spot.Here's where other top-ranking Chicago Public Schools fell on the list:

-Walter Payton College Preparatory High School: 1st in Illinois, 52nd in the nation

-Northside College Preparatory High School: 2nd in Illinois, 

82nd in the nation-Lane Technical College Prep High School: 3rd in Illinois, 112th in the nation-Phoenix Military Academy High School: 4th in Illinois, 122nd in the nation-Jones College Prep High School 5th in Illinois, 124th in the nation-Whitney M. Young Magnet High School: 6th in Illinois, 140th in the nation-Lincoln Park High School: 9th in Illinois, 324th in the nation-Gwendolyn Brooks College Prepatory Academy: 10th in Illinois, 345th in the nation-Lindblom Math and Science Academy: 11th in Illinois, 395th in the nation



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