9 CPS High Schools named Best in Illinois

The school also ranks 52nd in the nation. 

Northside College Prep came in second and Lane Tech High School took the third spot.Here's where other top-ranking Chicago Public Schools fell on the list:

-Walter Payton College Preparatory High School: 1st in Illinois, 52nd in the nation

-Northside College Preparatory High School: 2nd in Illinois, 

82nd in the nation-Lane Technical College Prep High School: 3rd in Illinois, 112th in the nation-Phoenix Military Academy High School: 4th in Illinois, 122nd in the nation-Jones College Prep High School 5th in Illinois, 124th in the nation-Whitney M. Young Magnet High School: 6th in Illinois, 140th in the nation-Lincoln Park High School: 9th in Illinois, 324th in the nation-Gwendolyn Brooks College Prepatory Academy: 10th in Illinois, 345th in the nation-Lindblom Math and Science Academy: 11th in Illinois, 395th in the nation

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