Steve Harvey Speaks on Donnie McClurkin Influence

Steve Harvey revealed that Pastor Donnie McClurkin was one of the first people to challenge his faith.

At his third annual Act Like A Success Conference that took place in Atlanta, Georgia, last weekend, Harvey spoke to people about the impact that McClurkin, the gospel singer and pastor of Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport, New York, had on him spiritually.

“When I met Donnie McClurkin, he asked me the one question that they had never asked me in show business before. He asked me how I felt about my soul,” Harvey said. “No one had ever cared how I felt about my soul. They just brought me on to tell jokes.”

Before Harvey became a successful television and radio host, author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, he began with a career in standup comedy. Even though he was known for making people laugh, Harvey insisted he still cared about his spiritual well-being.

“They didn’t know that I had a soul that I was concerned about. That I wondered where I was going to spend eternity,” he said. “I trip sometimes with this gift that I have and the way that I use it, is it going to be pleasing to Him? … He got me going a different route and my route ain’t like nobody else’s route.”

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