How Many Black Celebrities Are Worth $1 Billion?

How Many Black Celebrities Are Worth $1 Billion? So far there are only two black celebrity billionaires. 

Oprah Winfrey, Net Worth $3.1 Billion

Oprah officially became a billionaire in 2003, but not only that, she was actually the first black person to become a billionaire in North America.

Michael Jordan, Net Worth $1.14 Billion

Almost every athlete who has signed an endorsement deal has Michael Jordan to thank, whose partnership with Nike has generated billions of dollars in sales over the years. The Jordan line of sneakers and apparel showed the corporate world just how much money could be made through celebrity-sponsored products, a trend that’s only grown on popularity since Jordan’s time with the Bulls.

Jay-Z & Beyonce, Net Worth $900 Million to $1 Billion

Jay-Z and Beyonce’s net worth has already surpassed $1 billion, but not everyone agrees. As of 2016, most black gossip sites agree that Jay-Z is worth about $610 million, while Beyonce’s net worth is a little more unclear. By some estimates, Beyonce is already worth more than $450 million, but more conservative estimates place her net worth at a measly $290 million following the couple’s incredibly successful joint tour.

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