T.D Jakes Talk Show Second Season Replaced

Tegna’s new show BOLD (Broadcast Online Live Daily) will replace the group’s talker T.D. Jakes on Tegna-owned stations this fall.

“We are really proud of T.D. Jakes,” said Bob Sullivan, Tegna senior VP of programming. “The economics of daytime, not Jakes or the quality of the show itself, is what has taken us out of play for the second season, which is frustrating.”

T.D. Jakes will finish airing this season on stations.

Meanwhile, Tegna and partner MGM are out in the market shopping BOLD to station groups. The show’s name is going to change before it premieres this fall, said Sullivan.

The half-hour strip will be produced at Tegna’s KUSA Denver as a running live news feed, so that stations in any time zone can pick it up on the half-hour and get the most up-to-date stories. Each episode will be continually produced and updated throughout the day with subscribing stations tapping into whichever live feed fits their time period.

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