Once-Kidnapped Atlanta Boy Who Sang Hezekiah Walker’s “Every Praise” Until He Was Freed Returned Home After Running Away

A 12-year-old boy who was once kidnapped went missing Friday night after reportedly going on an overnight camping trip without telling his parents.

An Atlanta police spokesperson said Willie Myrick left home around 8:30 pm. He spent the night at City Camp, a quasi-community center that was almost two miles from his residence.

On Saturday morning, a group that was gathering to go on a field trip at the center found Myrick and discovered the boy was not one of the registered attendants. One of the staffers then took Myrick home, according to police.

After returning home, Myrick said he attended an overnight camping trip but didn’t tell his parents. Initial police reports indicated that Myrick ran away after getting angry at his little brother.

Police have not said if any adults were in Myrick’s home at the time Myrick left his home.

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