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T.D. Jakes apologizes to volunteer

Following the video that went Viral that Audrey Stevenson posted of her getting assaulted at Potter House, TD Jakes has issued an apology. Check out the video that sparked the controversy.

Bishop T.D. Jakes has released a statement apologizing. 

While honoring our 2018 T.O.R.I. graduates at The Potter’s House of Dallas an unfortunate incident occurred at our Potter’s House of Fort Worth campus. To accurately assess the occurrence, Pastor Patrick Winfield II and I took the time required to evaluate the situation completely and without bias. Statements from all persons on staff have been reviewed meticulously to comprehend what actually occurred.

While many of the extenuating circumstances are not shown in the video that was published March 25, 2018, this still does not justify the lack of professionalism exhibited by the safety officer we require and expect from all of our employees. Emotions quickly escalated and a complete breakdown of communication occurred resulting in what played out on video.

I’m extremely disappointed and apologize for how Ms. Stevenson was treated and the ill-conduct she received. Privately, we will be reaching out to Ms. Stevenson to offer her the apology she rightly deserves.

The safety officer in question’s tenure with us has been a positive one, this unfortunate incident however has endangered his continuance with our ministry pending the outcome of a comprehensive review which is consistent with our protocols.

Understand, that what occurred was not handled according to our safety guidelines that all officers are required to adhere to while working for The Potter’s House. Effective immediately, I have ordered a policy review with all of our safety officers to ensure that delicate situations like these are handled appropriately.

Throughout our entire ministry, we go to great lengths to minimize as many inconveniences to our weekly parishioners while providing proper protection to themselves, their families, children and belongings with help from safety and Police Officers.

It is never our aim to ask someone to exit our premises, but when it is necessary, we hope all responses are met with appropriate and professional behavior.

We proudly and warmly open our church doors each and every week to thousands of parishioners each week from all backgrounds. We are taking immediate steps to ensure our employees continue serving our community and the communities of the world with excellence. Protecting the safety and dignity of all who worship at any of our locations will continue to be paramount.

Bishop T.D. Jakes, Sr. Senior Pastor

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