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Brilliantly Black Spotlight - Impactful Leadership & Management Solutions

We're Shining a Spotlight on Impactful Leadership & Management Solutions

Impactful Leadership & Management Solutions, LLC™ (ILMS) is a full-service Leadership Training, Operations Management and Organization Development Consulting Firm. They are committed to providing customized strategic solutions that address the specific needs of an organization’s leadership, operations and culture. They drive measurable, sustainable changes in the workforce, company culture, community, supplier base, and marketplace through a tailored journey that will lead to practical and effective organizational change.

Founded in 2022, their clients trust them as a leader in the areas of: business plan creation, SOP’s, leadership training & culture change, organization development; research, assessment, strategy, and measurement.

ILMS has a few factors that make them unique against their competitors:

• While they have many frameworks and models that have been created and tested throughout time, everything they do is personalized for each client to maximize positive impact relevant to their unique business model

• They focus on tangible impact and a direct connection to business success

• They maintain lower prices compared to our competitors so that start-ups, small businesses and non-profits are able to achieve developmental goals within their already modest budgets.

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Phone: 847-447-6892

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