Chicago Bookstore Owner's Rant Over $800 Return Goes Viral On Twitter

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42-year-old Rebecca George co-owns Volume Bookcafe located in both Wicker Park and downtown Chicago. According to NBC Chicago, George fulfilled an $800 dollar order for a handful of art books around Christmastime. In a horrifying turn of events for the small business, the individual who purchased the $800 dollars worth of books called this week to return them all. George took to Twitter to detail the return and the impact that it had on her business.

"Turns out one of our biggest sales last month was for the person to stage their home for the holidays and now they want to return them all. Please don’t do this to a small business, people. That one sale was a third of our rent," the tweet read.

George owns both locations with her sister Kimberly, and they just opened the Wicker Park store in September. She explained to NBC Chicago how financially difficult it was to get through the holidays after opening the second store.

“Even after opening, we were still paying electricians and plumbers and all the things to open, on top of now paying for a mortgage,” George shared. “The fall was tough. We knew we just needed to get through the holidays, and then we’d feel more secure.”

When the customer purchased the $800 dollar order, the staff was over the moon. NBC Chicago mentioned that 5.3 million people saw the tweet as of Tuesday night. The bookstore has see a lot of business since the tweet went viral, as Twitter users voice their support for the business.

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