Chicago Zip Codes Where Residents Get The Most And Least Sleep

Young woman trying to sleep but disturbed by noisy neighbors and covering ears with pillows

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Sleep is directly correlated to wellbeing, and some people just sleep better than others. Factors including location, environment, health, stress, medication, and more, work to impact our sleep schedules.

According to a list compiled by NBC5, the areas of Chicago that residents get the most sleep are the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, and Lakeview East. The areas where people experience the least amount of sleep each night are in Homan Square, Englewood, and South Austin.

Here is what NBC5 had to say about compiling the data to discover the areas of Chicago that residents get the most and the least amount of sleep:

"So NBC 5 Investigates analyzed local sleep data, drilling down to every ZIP code in the greater Chicago area, including northwest Indiana and southeast Wisconsin. We found some regions here that are even more sleep-deprived than those folks in West Virginia, with nearly half of adults in some Chicago-area neighborhoods and towns simply not getting that minimum of seven hours a night. Statewide, Illinois and Wisconsin are on the low side, with 33.5% and 33% of adults, respectively, saying they’re sleep-deprived, according to CDC numbers, while Indiana is doing a bit worse, with 37.9% of adults not getting enough sleep."

See an extended list of regions and suburb on their website.

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