This Is The Most Iconic Chicago Food

Hot Food from a Tropical  Buffet

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If you grew up in the Windy City, chances are that you have eaten your fair share of the most "iconic" food that the city has to offer. For a food to be known as the most iconic food in the entire city, it must be very special to those who live there. To exist with this prestigious title, the dish must be thoroughly enjoyed by the general population. The food either originated in the city and is now popular everywhere, or it is a very niche food specific to the region.

According to a list compiled by Taste of Home, the most iconic food in all of Chicago is the city's very own Chicago Mix. What is Chicago Mix exactly? Only the greatest combination of popcorn known to human beings.

Here is what Taste of Home had to say about this iconic Chicago food:

"Walk down the street in Chicago and you’ll see queues of people outside popcorn shops. They’re waiting on fresh-popped batches of Chicago Mix, a combination of caramel-coated and cheddar cheese popcorns. The combination of salty and sweet becomes addictive. The best known of the shops is Garrett’s—and it produces the longest lines when the caramel is cooking."

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