Three Men Found Dead In Suburban Chicago House

Homes in a row

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Three men were found shot to death in a rental home Wednesday afternoon in Kankakee after multiple gunshots were heard from neighbors. According to FOX32, police found the bodies around 2:00 in the afternoon at the building located off of West Merchant Street.

Though gunshots were heard by neighbors at 3:00 a.m, nothing was reported until a relative went to check on the renters' 'well-being'. When the relative found the men dead on the second floor of the building, they notified the police.

Police have released the names of two of the victims to be 25-year-old Kyle M. Washington, and 25-year-old Deontay M. Tyler. FOX32 mentioned that the name of the third man has not been released as the family has yet to be notified of the incident. As officials search for evidence regarding the gunman, there is still little information on how the gunman got into the building in the first place. As shocking as this news was to neighbors, the gunshot sounds came as no surprise.

"Gunshots are heard around here all the time. It’s just sad," a woman who lives near the area shared with FOX32.

Another neighbor commented on the men who were found dead in the building.

"They were cool people. They never bothered me. We just said hi."

Kankakee Police are asking for anyone with information regarding the incident to call their office.

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