This Chicago School District Is The Third Largest In America

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Of course one of the largest school districts in the entire country is housed in one of the largest cities, but; you will not believe how many students attend just this one district.

According to a list compiled by Stacker, the largest school district in Chicago is Chicago Public Schools. Chicago Public Schools encompasses a total of 653 schools. There are just under 400,000 students that attend a Chicago Public School. Stacker detailed that Chicago Public Schools received a lot of media attention during the pandemic for the way that they choose to tackle COVID19 testing among students.

Here is what Stacker had to say about Chicago Public Schools:

"Chicago Public Schools received a significant amount of media attention due to disagreements between the city and the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) over returning to in-person teaching after the winter break. The CTU wanted a remote-learning format due to high positivity rates and the highly transmissible Omicron variant, but the district canceled school for a week in response. The city and the CTU finally reached an agreement, with the city offering more PPE and expanded testing for the student body, and using metrics based on individual schools to decide on any shifts to remote learning."

For more information regarding the largest school districts in America and how they dealt with the pandemic visit HERE.

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