Congrats to Taraji P Hensen on Launching her Hair Care Line

Congrats to Taraji P Henson, she has started her own hair care line. She says “I have always been into healthy hair—and knew that a healthy scalp would lead to healthier hair. There were no hair care lines that truly focused on scalp care,” Can you believe that she was doing her own hair for red carpet events by creating her own products from home.

See her product line below.

Never Salty: A scalp scrub that exfoliates and rejuvenates the scalp.

• Make it Rain: A hydration conditioner I use because my hair is color treated.

• Hustle & Co: A very rich co-wash that doesn’t strip my hair.

• Real Love: A protein gel mask I usually use after my color touch-ups.

• Master Cleanse: This is my hero product! I love to use this after Never Salty.

• Smooth Attitude: This is what I use for my twist outs.

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