700,000 people may lose food stamp Benefits April 1st

President Donald Trump's administration has announced that a new rule will go into affect where they say able-bodied people will be taken off of the federal food stamp program known as SNAP. It is criticized by social service agencies, such as the Shriver Center on Poverty Law and the Greater Chicago Food Depository. about 700,000 people will be affected & lose benefits up to140,000 in Illinois and about 50,000 in Cook County. The rule "only applies to adults ages 18-49 who are able-bodied and don't have dependents."

Trump administration said says this age group is able to work. The hope with a low unemployment rate is to lead people away from government dependence toward self-sufficiency and employment. Many agencies who help and work with food stamp recipients say this policy will target the poor people & struggling to work.

The rule goes into effect April 1.

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