Mayor Lightfoot Corrects Ivanka Trump over her tweet about Chicago violence


Mayor Lightfoot was not happy about Ivanka Trump tweet about Chicago Violence. She says that she got the numbers wrong, she got the location wrong, that's the danger of trying to govern via tweet. Mayor Lightfoot says Ivanka could have called her to get the correct information. 59 people were shot, 7 fatally last weekend across the city, not in one location. It was also not the city's deadliest weekend of the year.

"She's conflating the whole weekend activity into one incident and that's not what happened," said Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. Maylor Lightfoot says "It wasn't a playground, it was a park,

The mayor says her office reached out to Trump after seeing the tweet to ask why she had not contacted Chicago officials to clarify the facts, and said she had not received a response from Ivanka or her staff.


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