30,000 Tainted Alcohol bottles Confiscated in Costa Rica

The FBI has been alerted and beginning to investigate the deaths that have taken placed over the weeks in the past. After 19 people have died, Costa Rica issued the national alert. There is a possibility that 'fake' alcohol was being served at the resorts. The fake alcohol was apparently tainted... with methanol. Methanol is a substance found in antifreeze.

Numerous venders who sell 'Guaro Montano, Guaro Gran Apache, Aguardiente Estrella, Aguardiente Barón Rojo, Aguardiente Timbuka and Molotov Aguardiente' could be the focus point of the tainted alcohol and could potentially face criminal charges.

How many bottles? 30,000 bottles of a variety of brands will be taken after samples have been collected and tested positive for the methanal substance.

This of course is leading health professionals to believe the methanal infused alcohol is the epicenter in what was causing the deaths.

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