Shonda Rhimes shares Self-Esteem & How Writing Helped Her with Bullies

Shonda Rhimes a power house in the world of television who most simply calls herself a “storyteller” and a mother of 3  recently hosted a workshop for over 200 Los Angeles’ based girls

Where she spoke about her personal experiences with body image, her role as a storyteller, andso much more. She was very candid & and openly admitted that “media does an awful job of reflecting real people on television.” 

She shared stories of growing up:

“What I did not have many of is friends. I was very smart. I was not cute. I was different. And no one is crueler than a pack of humans faced with someone who is different. A lot of kids were mean to me. So I spent my free time reading books and I lived deep inside the worlds I built in my imagination.”

What she did loves was the power of books & story telling 

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