Marvin Sapp remembers his wife

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8yrs ago today my children and I experience the most devastating event ever in my eyes. The passing of my wife and their mom Dr. MaLinda P. Sapp. Every year I pause to salute her because she was the true definition of the words suitable and selflessness. She became whatever was needed to ensure that our family was healthy emotionally, mentally and physically. Spiritually was my responsibility 😊 To say that we miss her would be an understatement. Above all else personally, I miss my best friend, the person that I trusted with all of me. She was a lioness by nature. She covered and protected me. Loved me unconditionally flaws and all. Please don’t be confused, I’m not holding on to what will never be with her again. I’m repairing and preparing at the same time. 😊 There are just major moments that I feel she should be here to share with us physically. If I could pray for every married and engaged couple. I would ask God to give you all what I had with her because it was really good. Never fake. What you saw in public was the same behind close doors. Those who knew us personally know I’m not exaggerating, I’m telling the truth. People have said to me that I will never find that again. That it was a once in a life time event. However I don’t believe that God would allow me to lose something great and not give me greater. He always gives double for your trouble. MaLinda thank you for your patiences and teaching me what it really means to love without conditions. RIH Lin, I’ll see you in the morning......

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