Marvin Sapp has a new book coming out!

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Marvin Sapp, has a new book coming out called Suitable. "A practical guide to finding the appropriate person that fits your purpose and lifestyle.” 

#ComingSoon072018 #PreOrder062018 #Suitable “A practical guide to finding the appropriate person that fits your purpose and lifestyle.” Read an excerpt from the book:Are you compatible? So, what makes people compatible? It’s not only liking the same things, but a deep-rooted discovery of who each of you are and how that works when you’re together. This takes time to find because we must first go through the dating segment of a relationship where we tend to overlook those things that may irritate us when done the 150th time. You may think it is cute when your man friend talks like a baby when wooing you at first, but down the road … not. The other areas that play a part in compatibility are views on faith, work, money, family, and more, and you want to make sure there are common threads between you both in these important parts of your life. These are foundational in who you are and what you believe. Compatibility concerns all aspects of a person in their relationship. It means being willing for each person to give 100 percent to the other … not 50/50. Would you rather have 50 percent or 100 percent? Would you want to know that your spouse is 50 percent behind you or 100 percent? Of course, 100 percent. If you want to give your best to the person you have chosen to live with the rest of your life, you are committed to supporting them in all ways that you can. Likewise, they are committed to supporting you 100 percent. You each want to help the other achieve their life dreams, support them when the plan doesn’t go well, and always be there to encourage them to the next step. This at times calls for selfless sacrifice.

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