Selena Gomez Keeping Church Friends Closer

Selena Gomez is reportedly spending less time with the Hollywood crowd and more time with her friends from church.

Gomez, the covergirl for the April issue of Vogue, spoke to the magazine about her current lifestyle where she’s in more contact with friends from church than the entertainment industry.

“Gomez currently lives in an Airbnb in the Valley and honestly doesn’t get out much, except for long drives with her girlfriends: a realtor, a techie, some folks from church,” Vogue reveals of Gomez’ inner circle.

“I think 17 people have my phone number right now. Maybe two are famous,” Gomez said.

In the article, the 24-year-old reveals how much her church roots are deeply embedded in her by cooking a meal that Vogue describes as reminiscent of her “after-church Sunday barbecues she remembers from her Texan childhood.”

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