Tyrese Says he and his Wife Are Both Christians

Actor Tyrese Says he and his Wife Are Both Christians 

Actor/singer Tyrese recently revealed during a promotional tour for his upcoming film The Fate of the Furious that he and his new wife, Samantha, are Christians, and that they became born again virgins before they got married.

Tyrese revealed the news to Jenny McCarthy when discussing the honeymoon he took before getting married, where it was revealed that the couple didn’t have sex.

“No, I’ll tell y’all proudly. We got active at a certain point and it was so much magic, we decided to go sixty days without. We became born-again virgins…”

The actor continued,

“We’re both Christians. And we went from December 14 to February 14. So we did 62 days of no sex. And it was hard…it was challenging.”

Tyrese also spoke about the importance of premarital counseling with McCarthy:

“We did premarital counseling with a very famous pastor who has a congregation damn near around the world. And people would pay like a half a million dollars for one session. We were supposed to do six. And after we opened up, he asked us about seven questions and literally closed the book and said, ‘Y’all don’t have to come back no more. Our other five sessions are canceled. Y’all have clearly done the work.’ And then he said to me, ‘You have no idea how many people come in here who haven’t had a conversation about the most basic, basic things, but they are sexually attracted to each other, physically attracted to each other, everything is about the surface and then they end up discovering all of this ratchet, bottom of the barrel bull on the other side of getting married and then it just falls apart right in front of youWe both shared. We both were very transparent, even if it embarrassed us. We just put our truth on the table and we allowed for ourselves to say I want to move forward with this based on what I know or not.”

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